We try to make it as simple as possible for our users on the front end, but for those of you curious to know more, here's a bit more info.

Step 1: Pick Your Video Package


Are you looking for a super quick video? Or do you want to get a little fancy with graphics and themes? We've got a few options to help you customize your project!


Regular Price: $160

Regular Price: $195

Regular Price: $225

Check out safely & securely via

Step 2: Choose Your Tunes


Here's where you pick the music to go along with your video. Complete the short survey provided & we'll pick a song that fits your piece.


Head over to soundstripe.com, pick out any track you fall in love with (you can browse tracks for free) and note it in the music survey. We'll license the song for you & time your video clips to the beat!

Step 3: Upload Your Footage


It's time to select the clips that will go into your creation!

At this point, the upload button will take you out of the Edit Me Now site & to Dropbox. Don't worry, you don't need a Dropbox account to upload, just an email. Select your files, hit upload and you'll come to this page. You're done!

Please note, each video has an upload limit. If you upload more than the time limit included in your package, we will continue to download your files, until they reach that limit. Please select your clips carefully.


*A good way to cheat the system? Trim off the shaky camera bits at the beginning/end of your clips. Super easy to do and will give you more upload space! We'll take care of the rest of the cutting.*

This is where we step in...


Edit Me Now will:

  •  Download the footage & import it into our project files. 

  • Pick out the good stuff

  • Incorporate music to tug on all of those emotional heartstrings,

       create a badass feel or simply highlight your cool factor.

  • Design & add graphics (based on your video package).

  • Export the project to a shareable file.

  • Email you when your video is completed.  

All you need to do is download & share with the world!