why we do it

At this point in civilization, film is such a common medium, why wouldn't you use it to connect with the world? We're already engaging in television, films, web streams, video games, and beyond everyday. Why not use it to bridge gaps between each other, teach new ideas, share new worlds and grow our passions?

To get a little more specific, film has always been my way of connecting with the world. It's how I begin to understand people I've never met, places I've yet to go, and points of view I could never fathom on my own. There's something about taking a blank canvas of a screen and inserting, element by element, an entirely new world, that gets my heart pounding. I sound like a cheeseball, but unfortunately, I'm not kidding.

As a result, my production company, Silver Moth Films, focuses on athletics, social entrepreneurship, and adventure films. 


However, in trying to market myself I started to notice a couple of things:


1. Everyone wants a video - whether for themselves, their company, a funny idea, whatever, but they don't always seem to have the funds to spend on professional video content (I know I certainly don't). Or, sometimes it's simply not worth the cash. Even if you wanted to attempt it yourself, iMovie or any other editing program is time consuming & a huge pain if you don't truly enjoy the work.


2. You don't always need something uber polished & professional to share great moments with the world. 


Don't get me wrong, I love painstakingly obsessing over camera angles, lighting design, audio selection and color grading just as much as the next girl. However, I'm very aware of the wide range of demand when it comes to video. Sometimes, perfectly crafted art direction and crafty on screen cuts are a delight to the senses. And sometimes all we need is the perfect song timed to that epic road trip we all took videos of and never did anything with. Am I going to pay pro rates for that? Hell no. But I'll give you my drink money for the week.


So I started to think of a way to deliver to this market of consumers who just want an affordable, yet cool memento of their adventures, holidays, baseball seasons, etc.


As a result, Edit Me Now was born - a 1, 2, 3 step process that takes all of the footage you've been hoarding in the depth of your hard drive, kicks off the dust and crafts it into the project you imagined when you first shot it with such grand intentions.

So, I invite you to give it a whirl. Feel free to reach out, hit me with new ideas, let me know what sucks.


Through this project, I expect to come across a lot of fun videos.  I hope to come across videos that are inspirational, educational, reminiscent, and hard to watch...for all the right reasons. Push the limits.  I truly want this to be an experience that introduces everyone to the magical world of turning captured images into a beautiful creation. Who knows what you could show the world along the way?

Gianna Zoppi

Owner, Cinematographer, & Editor at Silver Moth Films